Character wood and other options for log furniture....

The naturally occurring features that grow in Lodgepole pine help us create beautiful, one-of-a-kind log furniture. The range of variations in pine include blue stain, knots, gnarls, snow twists, and burls. 

Base prices on furniture include either clean peeled or skip peeled natural pine.  You can enhance the character of any log furniture piece with any or all of these special selections.  For the most accurate quote please email or call us!


Skip Peeled Pine

Skip Peeled No addtional charge.


Clean Peeled Natural Pine

Clean Peel No additional charge.

Clean peel pine is lightest in color with some blue-grey variation.  Request Natural Pine for no color variation.

  Blue Pine wood

Blue Pine Add 15%

True blue pine is primarily dark blue with subtle grays, blues and yellows. The staining is left behind by a fungus that once grew in the wood


Knobby Burled Pine $30-$60 per burl.

Burled wood is caused from erratic cell growth in a tree, creating golf ball to bowling ball size rounded features.

Burls shown below on horizontal headboard and footboard rails.


Knobby Burled Wood


Catface Burl

$20-$50 per burl.

Like the knobby burled wood, catface burls are caused by erratic cell growth but with varied abstract shapes, sometimes resembling a cat´s eye or cat´s face.

Catface Burl Wood



Gnarled Pine

 Add 10-50%

Gnarled wood is caused by scarring to the tree. Layers of wood grow around the scar producing a desirable feature in log furniture.

Gnarled Wood

Master Finish

Add 50%

For a truly hand-hewn look, opt for our "master finish". All of our furniture is sanded smooth and finished but, for the master finish, our craftsmen take the extra time and care necessary for heirloom quality furniture. For an additional 50% the master finish option includes:

  • Hand-chiseled tapers where the logs size down into the tennon (see photo)
  • Two phases of meticulous sanding to an exceptionally smooth finish
  • Hardwood dowels to secure every joint
  • Full extension drawer slides, hinges and other premium hardware 


More Options


Color Stain Add 25%

Dovetail Drawer Boxes $20/ea

Raised Panel Door/Drawers $25/ea

Aromatic Cedar Panels $25 ea.

Burled Wood Drawer Pulls  $25 ea.

Full Extension Drawer Slides

Soft-Close Drawer Slides

For pricing on other wood species, contact us!

We have used fir, reclaimed/salvaged wood, maple, juniper, and many other woods.  Not all are readily available.